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Inbound marketing efforts and ABM are often considered to be in opposition, or at least to be achieving different outcomes . . . but they don’t have to be.

Today’s guest is Ganesh Venkatesh, Head of Marketing at imgIX. He shares how imgIX identifies the audiences they want to attract, develops messaging specific to each one, and how that messaging is used to formulate an inbound marketing strategy.

Listen in to hear how Ganesh’s team translated the most common customer questions and pain points into marketing using a “What,” “Why,” and “Who” strategy. Topics discussed include:

  • [00:08:46] ABM and Inbound? Account-based marketing isn’t typically associated with inbound programs and tactics. Please explain how you’re using the two in tandem?
  • [00:18:32] Event Driven Trial Strategy. So you’re analyzing user events inside the software to determine which ones have the highest correlation to conversion and then using that to prioritize who the sales team reaches out to?
  • [00:19:41] Trading Quantity for Quality. It sounds like you’re doing a really nice job of teeing up the sales organization but how many workflows are we talking about? How have you scaled this?
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