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We talk so much about the traditional sales funnel, but you don’t hear quite as much about how the customer journey translates to a digital experience.

HashiCorp is a “digital native company,” according to our guest today—Isaac Wyatt, HashiCorp’s Senior Director of Go-to-Market Strategies. They have plenty of core questions to answer related to digital, including how to connect people with a quality service or product that solves a problem for them.

But in reality, some problems are the same ones that traditional companies have had for a long time. Listen in to hear Isaac talk about old—and new—customer problems and how they relate to the digital world.

Listen in to hear Isaac discuss:


a strategic operations role that spans all customer-facing parts of the organization

My formal title is senior director go to market strategy and operations and this is sort of an evolution of either the traditional marketing operations or sales operations role. This is a role thats focuses on creating a holistic customer journey and then orchestrating it and automating it and then optimizing it. And I have a lot of the traditional responsibilities of a marketing operations person but it really spans the entire gamut of supporting the organization whether its marketing or sales or customer success or support.

orchestrating a value-based customer journey

I think that marketing done well is about paving a road that people can progress on at their own rate, and along that road you have some scenic views that create inspiring moments for that customer. Obviously your objective is to get them to the end of that road. But you can create value for them along the way and the road doesn’t have to be straight. It doesn’t have to be narrow. And if there is value created along the way they stay on the road instead of turning off from our from your customer journey completely.

the confusion between funnels and buyer’s journey

I have not built a single visualization of a funnel for anybody in the company because I sincerely believe that the right orientation is the customer and the journey that they take. And I want I want that made the point of focus because I feel like the funnel is a little bit of a broken metaphor.

his five-point strategy for marketing to the customer journey

The five steps at a surface level are identify who your core audience is. There may be just one type of buyer or customer. There may be two or three. I like to keep it simple to start. But step 2 is identify what are their needs and what…are the answers to the problems that they are trying to solve. How can you educate them in a way that gives them value. And then you, three, create a sequence of touch points that can help them connect where they’re at today with value, with an experience or with learning so that they can progress on their customer journey at their own pace. The fourth step is to instrument this digitally…and after the digital touch points have been instrumented that’s when you get to work on scale and automation and optimization right so that you can add more people to that journey and have it work well for them. That’s the vision of the point on the five point strategy.

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