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Jessica Fewless (@jfewlessB2B) works at a hot technology company, one that’s leading the space in account-based marketing. As Vice President of ABM Strategy, Field and Channel Marketing at DemandBase, she’s in a position to do exactly what the company advocates on behalf of its customers.

In this episode, we cover account-based marketing, field marketing, applying that to partner marketing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a whole lot more. Jessica also shares the DemandBase journey to applying an ABM approach, which interestingly did not happen until about three years ago, despite the company being much older.

Listen for thoughtful answers to these questions:

  • What are some of the manual parts of an account based strategy that that are important to you and that you’ve seen other marketers miss?
  • How did you prove that a targeted or more specific approach was more effective than the volume-based approach the sales teams were accustomed to?
  • What are some of the acceleration programs that are most effective for the team?


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