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Since its debut in 2006, the iconic SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall® has been adopted, adapted and applied in countless b-to-b organizations. At their annual Summit this May, SiriusDecisions unveiled an exciting, new-and-improved version of the Waterfall, its first overhaul since the ‘rearchitected’ Waterfall was released in 2014. In this episode, Jason dives into the new Demand Unit Waterfall with Terry Flaherty, Senior Research Director at SiriusDecisions.

A warning: if you’re not familiar with the Waterfall, we definitely encourage you to go look it up before listening to this interview.

Listen in to:

  • learn how the Demand Unit Waterfall addresses the conversion logic inconsistencies of the original and rearchitected Waterfall models, by standardizing on a single unit of measure in stage-to-stage conversion calculations
  • get clarity on the distinction between buying groups and ‘demand units’
  • hear Terry explain the hierarchy of market segmentation and how demand mapping should complement traditional segmentation to arrive at a truer sense of demand potential, which should then inform the mix and prioritization of marketing and sales activities
  • understand the connection between demand mapping and waterfall diagnostics
  • learn why adoption of the Demand Unit Waterfall invalidates historically captured SiriusDecisions waterfall benchmark data, and what companies should do instead of relying on that data to support planning processes
  • how to operationalize the Demand Unit Waterfall, and how the vendor community will adapt its offerings to support the new model
  • understand the distinctions between the Demand Waterfall and the buyers’ journey.
  • hear how the Demand Unit Waterfall “encourages the conversation about alignment much earlier”
  • appreciate how the new Demand Unit Waterfall and demand mapping applies to both account-based marketing and sales strategies, and broad-based demand creation strategies characterized by inbound marketing

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